"It's not a movie. It's a movement." - David King

It made me laugh; it made me cry ...I can’t say enough about it ...The most surprising film you’ll see in this festival.
— GREGORY VON HAUSCH, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Founding Director
Brilliant, warm and unforgettable ...tremendously timely ...The film has such a strong message that it has really changed my life a bit.
With work like yours, the American appetite for honest, full-hearted and diverse stories can be not only satiated but redefined.


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Shaina is a historian who lives 600 years in the future. Humans, at this point, have cleaned up the planet. War, poverty, pollution, greed, exploitation, depression, loneliness - these are things that she’s read about in history books. And while she studied this dark period of history, in which money was viewed as more precious than people, she has never, in the flesh, seen humans hurt other humans.

Until now.

While visiting a group of physicists who experiment with time travel, Shaina is accidentally left stranded in the year 2015. Here she involves herself with a group of friends who are as lovable as they are flawed. As she the harsh realities of their lives unfold, she learns what no history book could have taught her.

Old habits, however, are hard to break, and Shaina can’t help but assume that everyone around her is honest, generous, and caring, as she works to recruit the help that she needs to get back home.

While most futuristic films depict a dystopia that is even colder and more mechanical than our own, this film takes a bold departure from the sci-fi genre by exploring the possibility of a future in which caring and compassion govern our societies. What if the future of humanity and the planet turns out exactly as we would want it to be?





Ela Thier is the writer, director, producer, lead actor, and editor of Tomorrow Ever After. She has been described by industry insiders as a powerful new voice in independent American cinema. Thier is known for creating laugh-out-loud comedies that surprise audiences by evolving into heartbreaking dramas with profound messages about the human condition. Her strength is in portraying human struggles with humor, while highlighting the best of humanity and instilling hope. She is also known for the diversity of her casting, which brings with it unexpected freshness.

Thier's award-winning feature, Foreign Letters, is a memoir about her own immigration experience. The film has shown in over 140 film festivals world-wide, and was released by Film Movement and Go2Films (2012). While the film is about tween girls, it brings even "cool" teen boys and grown men to tears. Thier wrote and directed over a dozen short films winning numerous Best Short awards. Her film, A Summer Rain, screened at hundreds of venues world-wide and became a YouTube sensation.

Thier was a writer-for-hire on Puncture, starring Chris Evans, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She also wrote The Wedding Cow, a romantic comedy produced by a major German TV network (2000), winning eighteen international awards including several "Best Feature" and "Audience Choice" Awards. She teaches popular screenwriting, film directing and producing workshops in New York City under the alias of The Independent Film School. Her workshops are known for bringing artists together in the spirit of support and community rather than competition. VIEW REEL.


     Fun fact: no auditions were held for this film. Each of the characters were inspired by and written for the actors who played them.



Ebbe Bassey was born in the Bronx but raised in Calabar, Nigeria. She has appeared on NYPD Blue, Law & Order: SVU, and in many short and feature films. Ebbe is the writer, executive producer and lead actress of the short film Siri Oko Fo (Mending Fences), which explores same sex love and parenting as well as female genital mutilation in Nigeria. The film made its debut at the 2008 Cannes International Film Festival and has gone on to screen at other widely recognized national and international film festivals. The film has been used as a teaching tool at Rutgers University in the Women’s Studies/Black Studies program. Ebbe was voted one of Applause Africa's 30 Most Intriguing Africans in New York City in 2011.



Daphna Thier is an artist and an activist who has appeared in independent shorts and feature films, including Foreign Letters (2012) and lead roles in The Bridge (2012), My Son, My Son (2012) and The Cowboy (2011). A produced playwright, Daphna's play To Tread Upon A Spark was selected by the Seven Collective to be showcased at the New York Seven Days of Play Theatre Festival 2013. Her writing has also been published by the Socialist Worker. Daphna came to New York City in 2009 to study acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Before that she was trained as a professional dancer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Ballet, in all forms of modern and classical ballet, choreography, composition and music.


Matthew Murumba has been a long-time collaborator with many of the talented artists working on this special project. TV/Film Credits (select): Law & Order (Co-Star), two Comedy Central pilots (Series Regular/Co-Star), Kofi (Cannes Film Festival/Heartland Film Festival). Theater Credits (select): Unexplored Interior by Jay O. Sanders (Public Theater), Since Africa by Mia McCullough (Red Fern Theatre Company), The Why Overhead by Adam Szymkowicz (Access Theater), Narrator 1 (Theater Row), Death in Mozambique (Cherry Lane Theatre).

MEMO (Antonio)

Memo studied Visual and Performing Arts in his home town of Miami, FL. He has been involved with many companies including Nettles Artists Collective, La MaMa ETC, and HaitiDansCo. He brings to his work a tool set influenced by his experience in African dance, Suzuki, sculpture, photography, Viewpoints, technology, writing, film art direction and more that allows for a wide spectrum of exploration. Memo always looks for opportunities to collaborate on experimental and mixed discipline projects and thanks Ela Thier and all the IFS community for sharing their experience and knowledge so generously.


Nabil Viñas is an award-winning actor and writer from New York City. He played Benito Mussolini in the Emmy-nominated miniseries The World Wars (History Channel). He's played lead roles in off-Broadway shows including Goliath (Poetic Theater Productions) and Charlotte (by José Rivera). Acting Awards include BEST ACTOR (The Atlas Awards 2016) and BEST ACTING DUO (Sanford Int'l Film Festival) for his role in the short film The Cat's Cradle (dir David Spaltro). He wrote and produced the short film Come Back Hailey (dir Ela Thier) and is currently developing his first feature length film. Nabil was born and raised in Washington Heights NYC as a proud son of Dominican parents from Moca, Dominican Republic. See more of his work at NabilVinas.com.




Inna Braude has worked as producer, production supervisor, post-production supervisor, assistant director, and editor, on several dozen films, ranging in budgets and scopes. Recent feature film producing credits include Molly's Theory of Relativity (dir Jeff Lipsky), distributed by Adopt Films, and Foreign Letters (dir Ela Thier), distributed by Film Movement. Braude was also associate producer on the NBC Special Saturday Night Live in 2000's: Times and Again, and a production supervisor on The Guitar, an official Sundance Selection. She wrote, directed and produced several short films including Animal Rights, and Three Prayers for June. IMDB



Nikolai Metin is a New York City-based producer who specializes in narrative films and commercials, with an extensive background in post-production. Recent narrative works include Wake(dir Kevin A. McCormack), Come Back Hailey (dir Ela Thier), Oh, Brother (dir Rhonny Tufiño),Relative Density (dir Ela Thier), The Muse (dir Neal Hemphill), and Encounter (dir Dir. Kate Balandina). He has been a Staff Producer for SGNY, where he produced content for dozens of clients including Fortune 500 companies such as Clairol, Deloitte, Novartis, and Pfizer.



David George Brommer is a New York City-based photographer specializing in alternative culture. In the mid-90s David was the creative mind behind Suspect Photography, a studio-gallery acclaimed for exhibiting maverick and emerging photographers. David’s fascination with dark subject matter and the use of religious and mythological elements in his compositions resulted in an aesthetically unique body of work. During the past two decades, his extensive oeuvre has been widely shown across the country in several solo and collective exhibitions. In recent years, David has become a sought-after speaker on matters of contemporary photography as well as technical teaching. Among others, David has taught seminars at the International Center of Photography, The Maine Media Workshops, and nationwide industry conventions. Currently David is the director of the B&H Photo Event Space overseeing and developing the educational content for customers of B&H Photo.

   MILTON KAM  Director of Photography


Milton Kam has shot over 20 feature films, including Vanaja, a drama shot in India and directed by Rajnesh Domalpalli that won the Silver Bear at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography in 2008. Milton has collaborated multiple times with British director Simon Rumley (Red White & Blue, 2010), with whom he recently wrapped the paranormal thriller The Last Word, to be released in 2014. Milton's projects in the US have included Ela Thier's Foreign Letters (2012) and Tanju Chopra's Punching at the Sun (2006). Milton also works extensively in documentaries. His two most recent forays into this field are a project about architect Louis Khan and the soon-to-be-released feature documentary The Polygon, which explores the human toll of 30 years of nuclear weapons testing by the Soviet Union in eastern Kazakhstan. IMDB

   VIRGINIA HASTINGS Production Designer


Virginia Hastings works in film as a designer, producer/coordinator, director, and actor. As a designer, Virginia has worked on feature films (Antanomy of the Tide, Foreign Letters), shorts (Taharuki, Judo Girl) and commercials, including art directing a Cannes Award-winning piece for ING Bank Amsterdam. Virginia has coordinated for NBC, E! Entertainment, the NBA, the NHL, Spike TV, and co-designed spaces for the VMAs, MTV, VH1, the Food Network, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Target, and most recently the Tonys. As an actress, her national commercial for Pronamel toothpaste has been airing for 4 years. And in her most neglected love, directing, Virginia is in preproduction for two music videos shooting this fall.




Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Photograph by Gregory Von Hausch.

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Photograph by Gregory Von Hausch.




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